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The Benning Mess - Without Saying That of Course

May 13, 2019
By Katie_Lyn SILVER, Goshen, Indiana
Katie_Lyn SILVER, Goshen, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
Stop waiting for Friday,
for summer,
for someone to
fall in love with you,
for life to happen.
Happiness is achieved,
when you stop waiting for it,
and make the most of the
moment you are in
right now.

His grip on my hand, 

steady, strong, sure. 

Keeping me, 

tethered to the ground.

Keeping me 

breathing, waiting,


That maybe, 

just maybe this thing, 

this thing called us, 

us and we and together, 

maybe we have forever. 


instead of me, myself , and I, 

I try to pursue 

a reality of together, 

until we die. 


I let go and let him, 

take the wheel. 

His hands on my hands, 

show his hands on my heart. 

And I would be dumb to part, 

with a love like ours. 

But maybe, 

just maybe, 

his grip on my hand, 


caused a break in my heart. 

The author's comments:

So during a trip I was on, my best friend and I had a little bit of an oof and that's putting things lightly. Thankfully we worked everything out and things are better now than ever. This was one of the pieces I worte following that week. 

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