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Anorexic Lies

February 7, 2019
By KameronAldana BRONZE, Guadalajara, Other
KameronAldana BRONZE, Guadalajara, Other
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Absurdity, the new sanity

Fetid breaths flow with serenity

as futile conversations stream through the clogged air

Perfect mirrors walk around as if they were unique

Vacant bodies parade the streets

with their bones trying to trespass their bruised skin

Slim figures stand on weighing scales

Biting their nailless index fingers with dismay

Labyrinthine organs endeavoring to survive

as poisoned fingers ring uvulas like Christmas bells

Heaving their diet through the pipelines

and sobbing at the mirrors’ bony reflection

Broad bodies are envisaged as grotesque

and microscopic holes of flesh get scrutinized by vicious souls

Quixotic icons grin with incredulity

as they observe their altered faces on magazine covers

Tormenting thoughts of a utopian silhouette

Whirl inside a dissolving feeble heart

Shallow bodies evaporate

as a gust blows their aspirations away

Chestnut boxes grip bleak corpses

as gruesome worms navigate inside lifeless flesh

Eternally dormant in a breathtaking world

The author's comments:

Anorexic Lies is a raw representation of my life two years ago. I had an eating disorder that later on developed other unhealthy habits. This poem is a reflection of what I like to think as a past life, but it can also be perceived as an observation of the world and its absurd beauty standards. The writing process of this piece was not challenging at all, the real challenge was deciding whether to make it a part of my portfolio or not. In the end, I decided to make it a part of my portfolio since it demonstrates how poetry allows me to express my thoughts and feelings with explicit technicalities that any other form of writing can’t. My peers along with Ms. Claire gave me exact and useful suggestions to specific parts of the piece that made it a truly unique and reflective. My goal with this poem was to express my observations on beauty standards these days and fusing them with my opinion. I truly hope that the reader can cogitate this piece onto their life.

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