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The Power of a Smile

February 2, 2019
By LeoBatche BRONZE, Paris, Other
LeoBatche BRONZE, Paris, Other
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Beautiful sunlight

Lighting the rising city

A child smiling

A baby laughing

A brother feeling pity

A grin in daylight

A light in the night

For his sibling, unhappy

A young girl beaming

No infant crying

Trying to turn him lively

A face turning bright

Looking from his height

At his showing misery

No aspect dying

Everyone whooping

Making him smirk joyfully

Creating delight

For this world of fright

Until he becomes happy

A crowd parading

The author's comments:

So this poem is made of 7 haïkus that all rhyme. It was inspired by a true story that happened to me. Hope you enjoy :)

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