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The Conductor

December 31, 2018
By uberbearsharkm8 PLATINUM, Seminole, Florida
uberbearsharkm8 PLATINUM, Seminole, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory."
- Leonard Nimoy

Settled within the ballroom 

Forms erected mocking monuments

Watchful eyes—

Void of apathy,

Infatuation for a king 

Placed gently on the pedestal.

Touch of silk, presence of God.

Actions are those of the Creator:

Ground upheaves with swaying hands—

Baton parting the Red Sea,

Beckoning movements;

Arched finger, Grand Canyon

Forceful as angels. 

Captivating. Demanding. 

Soliloquies of motions—

Painted forms,

Hail to the King.

Offer him applause. 

Hail to the King. 

Heart of the body. 

Hail to the King.

And his dispersed mirage.

The author's comments:

When watching the performance of an orchestra, one shall easily become captivated by the conductor: the powerful, commanding, precocious figure spearheading the magic that is the orchestra. Based upon the elegance of The Florida Orchestra's charming Michael Francis, The Conductor tells a tale not of the beauty of music, but of the man who fabricates the very circumstances which allows for its existence.

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