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November 1, 2018
By PoetPanda PLATINUM, Hanahan, South Carolina
PoetPanda PLATINUM, Hanahan, South Carolina
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to speak falsely

to utter untruth knowingly

with intent to decieve


i have to define your actions

i need things to be black and white

i have to see that what you did was wrong


reminder to self:

look at what he did to you

he spoke falsely

he handed you untruth

dressed up with pretty words

and packaged to look like the truth

he needed to decieve you

and he did it knowingly

that's the worst part 


this was not some white lie that slipped out

he was not misinformed

he plotted

he planned

and that lie 

- that ugly, despicable, selfish, self-serving lie -

fell out of his mouth comfortably


i want to hit something

to smash and see it break

to break it like he broke my trust

i wanted to believe him

i wanted oh so bad to believe him

it would've been easier to

but i faced the music

listened to others for once

and took the tinted glasses off

i saw his words for what they were


you lied to me

and now you lie outside of my heart

The author's comments:

Somone close to me broke my trust and this is the product.  I hope you don't relate to this, I hope no one has hurt you like this, but this is here if you do.  

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