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Lost in Thought

October 26, 2018
By Bryson-Jeppesen BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
Bryson-Jeppesen BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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You are in a constant battle between who you ARE and who you WANT to be, because you can't see that who you ARE is enough.

The crowds roar in a thunderous cry.

Between teams the tension high.

I feel my father’s hand firmly gripping mine,

Telling me to “Hold on tight!”

As crowds cheer for the team that’s great,

My father and I begin to separate.

It finally hits, that blood curdling fear.

My father is not anywhere near.

I call for him, and hope he is near.

In my eyes I can feel tears.

My face turns red, my throat feels tight.

Then a man says “Are you alright?”

I shake my head fast, a silent plea.

“I need help. Will you help me?”

I tell him why I am to cry.

“Come now,” he says. “We will try.”

We walk through the crowds,

My fear he shrouds.

I hear a name through the roar,

The sound of my father makes my heart soar.

As I walk away

From that unfortunate delay,

I wonder if that was all for naught,

Or if I was just lost in thought.

The author's comments:

in all those times

you can't 



the place where you

need to become


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