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Thoughts, Perception

October 25, 2018
By Bryson-Jeppesen BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
Bryson-Jeppesen BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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You are in a constant battle between who you ARE and who you WANT to be, because you can't see that who you ARE is enough.

A dazzling glow all throughout,

Brightness shining with all of its glory.

I couldn’t hate it if I tried.

All in my eyes.

The radiance pulses, a beautiful sight,

Every increment a perfect piece.

No thorns for this rose, I daresay.

All in my eyes.

Ocean blue in the color I see,

With a perfect mold to hold it.

No faults, no indiscretion, all complete.

All in my eyes.

A special aura for every part,

A special vibe each one releases.

An example of perfect in all its splendor.

All in my eyes.

Impossible, is what I thought,

A priceless artifact, likely to be known.

Though not to be won, bought, or earned.

All in my eyes.


But who am I to think this way,

I may be unknown, unthought of, unliked.

I may never know how I’m viewed.

Just in those eyes.

The author's comments:

not for fame, not for glory,

not for likes, not for love,

only to share thoughts

and perception

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