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October 23, 2018
By PoetPanda PLATINUM, Hanahan, South Carolina
PoetPanda PLATINUM, Hanahan, South Carolina
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when i turn on the tv

i see the girl with the good grades

the awkward one with the glasses and no social skills

she's always the sidekick

always the butt of the joke

i see the opionated girl

that one that scares away boys and is too rough

she's only there for comic relief

only there to make the heroine look better

i see the girl with aspirations and goals

maybe the mean girl, the one with things to get done

she is shown as isolated 

married to her job, with no time for others


for so long

i identified with those girls

i was forced into a caricature of myself

a box that suffocated my potential

i never saw myself as the girl that could be loved

that just wasn't me


but i am reminding myself that i am worthy of love

no matter what they made me believe 


and you help me hold on to that belief

you shower me with the love i thought i would never have

you make me feel beautiful

you inspire me to be greater

you make me feel worthy

The author's comments:

Young women, don't believe the lies they force down your throat.  You are the main character in your story and you deserve all the love the world can give you, no matter your personality, weight, intellect, physical appearance, and all the other facets of you.  

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