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Something Changed

October 21, 2018
By PoetPanda PLATINUM, Hanahan, South Carolina
PoetPanda PLATINUM, Hanahan, South Carolina
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"Either I will find a way or I will make a way."

Romantic love makes you look like a fool

(I'd look like a fool for the rest of my life if it means i get to keep him)

People are ready to do all kinds of stupid things under the guise of "true love"

(And you're no different)

Love makes you lose all reasoning and logic

It's a neurological con job

(I know, isn't it wonderful?)

Love makes you lose control and it's not something you can guard against

(And you still thought you could keep him out of your heart)

People get addicted to love and then, when it's gone?

It ruins you

(Love is the most beautiful destruction but you will rise and you will love again)

The author's comments:

I was flipping through an old journal of mine and found something i wrote after I went through a heartbreak.  As I read it, I thought about how different my mindset was now, compared to then.  I see this poem as a conversation between my mind and my heart, or between heartbroken-me and lovestruck-me.  Neither perspective is wrong or right, it's simply how I felt at the time.  

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