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Math Test

October 10, 2018
By EHRollTide BRONZE, Madeira, Ohio
EHRollTide BRONZE, Madeira, Ohio
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Question #1: If 60,000,000 died in World War II, after adding the 1,000,000 people murdered in genocides since and the 3,600 Americans whose lives have ended in terrorist attacks since 1995, how long will it take for humans to stop wanting to kill each other?

Question #2: Slavery in the U.S. ended in December of 1865, and segregation legally ended in 1964. Following this trajectory, at what point will people of all races be treated equally across America?

Question #3: For every 100 calories produced worldwide in food, only approximately 35 are ever consumed. Assuming that 815,000,000 people are undernourished (they are), find this as a percentage. Explain why these statistics are incompatible and adjust the first one to fit the problem.

This is a group test. Read these questions carefully, because you will pass or fail as a group. Begin.

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