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September 19, 2018
By Breezette DIAMOND, Uniontown, Arkansas
Breezette DIAMOND, Uniontown, Arkansas
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There’s something I have to say

But I can’t say it

I know what it is,

I can taste it on the tip of my tongue,

I can feel the power that surges from it

I can hear the echoing of it’s length in my head,

But it’s like

Whatever it is,

Whatever I have to say

Doesn’t want to be heard

Maybe humanity isn’t strong enough to hear it

Maybe the people must hear it on their own

But it’s important

I know it its.

Throughout my life i’ve always had something to say

But I’m always choked up.

I’m trying my hardest to know what it really is,

Cause I don’t even now

I just, “know” that whatever it is. I should now

We should now

It sounds silly.


     I want to now


It won't come out

I scream and yell

Cry and still



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