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Gray Hand

July 18, 2018
By WritingTheWriteWay PLATINUM, St. Louis, Missouri
WritingTheWriteWay PLATINUM, St. Louis, Missouri
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"They laugh at me because I'm different. I laugh at them because they're all the same"(Kurt Cobain).

A gray hand

Reaching for throat and lungs,

The passageway to being.

Death itself wrevks havoc,

Cancer institution.


How come you light 

The spark that made you

Come apart,

A milky gray day,

Lost today.


The sizzling burn,

The forelorning urn

Feels better

Than the churn 

They bestowed you.


How mighty sad,

A penguin wandering into

A whale's mouth,

The nothingness is tempting

When you see fish a-swimmin',

You could come out of life a-winnin'.


What could be,

I always say.

That last cough on that fateful, fatal day.

Gray hands took you away.

And ye hands were a bluish gray,

Oh oxygen was tainted,

You could see it on your skin,

All throughout your being,

Even within.


You are gone just as you realized your sins.

If only you could sprout fish fins.


But still, the gray hand takes thousands of men.

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