January 16, 2017
By Elaineshao PLATINUM, Shanghai, Other
Elaineshao PLATINUM, Shanghai, Other
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Take my hand love,
  Under the frosty hallow
for the twinkling stars, her velvet glove
  Take her hand, a hand soft as snow

‘ Oh baby, what a great night for a date’
  Our arms around each other I feel like a king
She is in her best sundress and let’s twirl before it’s too late
   I want to draw daisies on her hand and let her sing

She sat on my lap and I counted her freckle stars,
  Kissed her eyelashes and told her how in loved I am
Moonlight echoed off my fingertips traced her charms
And danced along the garden

Above the thorns and thyme,
   Swaying slightly under a star-studded sky
A flourishing sea of flowers
  Oh we want to bury ourselves in the sand of time

All night we twirled along the sun-cracked bank
  ‘Nothing can match the Iily as your smile,’ I whispered in her ear
She tilted her head, my honeyed words she drank
  ‘So lovely, like the jessamine and the geranium, dear’

‘This is a love story
  Queen lily, rose and catchfly
Reach out your hands to their glory
  Consider the woodbine your sign’

Her face then flushed deep red
like an aged merlot wine
‘My sweetheart come with me do tread,
I will give you violet with diamonds and slender acacia shall be thine’

‘ What cute words,’ her voice smelled like Christmas,
   Yet her blood lips curled into a snare
With a heavy sigh her storm did pass
    Alone in the garden empty eyes stare

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