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The Perspective

May 20, 2014
By Madison_E BRONZE, Brownstown, Michigan
Madison_E BRONZE, Brownstown, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

He’s the best student you’ve ever seen,
He’s the smartest boy in the school,
With changing blue eyes and an angel disguise,
He’s an effortless casual cruel.

His faith, to himself, is important,
He goes to church on Sunday like he should,
He volunteers to help out, he is so hard to doubt,
Doing everything that a good boy would.

His athletic performance’s outstanding,
He’s the best athlete you’ve ever seen,
With natural ability and practiced agility,
He’s the captain of the Varsity teams.

But on Friday’s he drinks too much liquor,
Ciroc usually does the trick,
He might get too ill if he mixes with pills,
And ends up making himself sick.

During lunch break he smokes too much weed,
And at night he has too much sex,
And his phone’s filled with girls he says are his world,
And pretends that he likes best.

But grandmothers and teachers they love him,
His mother says “there’s my precious son”
But if she’d seen him in sheets and parked cars on dark streets,
Would she be proud of what he’s done?

He is warm, he is smart, he is charming,
But his mind can be so utterly cold,
Yet I cannot deny when I look in his eyes,
All I see is a shimmering gold.

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