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When Death is at Your Door

April 7, 2012
By daydreaming GOLD, Norwell, Massachusetts
daydreaming GOLD, Norwell, Massachusetts
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"sometimes it lasts in love and sometimes and sometimes it hurts instead" -Adel

When death is at your door
Oh, child you must answer
He’s been waiting some time now
He’s here, you can’t ignore

He’s tapping on the window
She cannot stay for long
Say your last goodbye
Her time has come to go

He’s ringing on your doorbell
I know it’s hard right now
But it will get better
As only time will tell

He taking her with him
She’s ready to go
She’s known for a while
The lights are growing dim

She’s been a good friend
I know you’ll miss her
Find comfort in whose left
For sooner or later, it all will end

When death is at your door
Your innocence will leave
It will take your laughter with it
It’s not something you can ignore

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