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February 2, 2012
By TheAustinator SILVER, Bowers, Pennsylvania
TheAustinator SILVER, Bowers, Pennsylvania
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Life is the name of this mediocre being

That clings onto me day in and day out.

It cause me to sing and dream

When I want to just scream and shout.

Love is the name of this mediocre feeling

That resides in my heart night and day.

When played with, it gives me a pain that is searing,

And I wish it would just go away.

Austin is the name of this mediocre person

Who believes he's worth less than the dirt on your shoes.

He wishes his life would hurry up and be done

Cause he'll never find someone else again; especially not someone like you.

Dream is the name of this mediocre aim

That makes me think I'll be more than them all someday

But while that tries to happen I'll just keep getting old,

And I'll just keep enduring these mediocre ways.

The author's comments:
I think this kind of what a lot of people feel. If they don't then I know it's how I feel.

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