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This Swing Set

July 22, 2011
By Bree.Jalique SILVER, Tracy, California
Bree.Jalique SILVER, Tracy, California
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This swing set sways slowly
It brings back memories
Reminds me of my childish fantasies

It was a time when I was so young
A time where what I thought was right
Where I didn't have to fear
When I didn't understand the fights

I would swing so high
With a thought that I'll escape to the sky
I would land on a could
Away from the mirthless home below

I would clutch the rust chain
Dig my feet into the ground
I always believed
My prince charming would come around

What a hoax that was
He never came by
Prince charming left me
My clock strucked midnight

Where did my childhood innocence go
I still remember the hands that stole it
The face remained blanked
my heart empty; a clean slate

I grew up too fast
The swing set creaks in protest
It can't carry my weight
I believe it knows I'm a fake

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