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Last Night

May 15, 2011
By ThisGirlWillMakeMistakes PLATINUM, Raymore, Missouri
ThisGirlWillMakeMistakes PLATINUM, Raymore, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't cry because it's over,
Smile because it happened."

-Dr. Suess

Last night he took my hand,
last night my heart took a stand,
last night he rapped me in his embrace,
Last night I was inches away from his face.

Last night he sang to me so sweet,
Last night he made my heart skip a beat,
Last night he made me smile,
Last night he made my laugh worth while.

Last night he kissed me on the cheek,
Last night he made me smile like a geek,
Last night he told me he liked me,
Last night he called me his baby.

Last night he made me feel great,
Last night was our first date,
Last night my mom got mad,
Last night he made me glad.

Last night he made my dream come true,
Last night our hands were stuck like glue,
Last night he looked me in the eyes,
Last night he gave me one last surprise...

This morning he said it was a mistake,
This morning he made my heart break,
This morning he made me cry,
This morning he made me want to die.

This morning he took it back,
This morning he gave me a heart attack,
This morning he doesn't feel the same,
This morning my tears are hard to tame.

This morning he admitted he lied,
This morning he explained it he really tried,
This morning he cut my heart deep,
This morning he broke my heart like a dirty creep.

This morning I wanted to go back to last night,
This morning I had to hold back not to fight,
This morning he had the need to share,
Last night he actually gave a care.

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