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Let It Out

May 15, 2011
By ThisGirlWillMakeMistakes PLATINUM, Raymore, Missouri
ThisGirlWillMakeMistakes PLATINUM, Raymore, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't cry because it's over,
Smile because it happened."

-Dr. Suess

Let your tears fall like rain,
And wash away all that pain,
Please don't run and hide,
Know in me you can confide.

You need to get it out,
Even if you need to run and shout,
Nothings worse than hiding your tears,
Even if it means over coming your biggest fears.

I won't try to make your cries stop,
But I will cry with you until we drop,
It may feel like nobody wants to listen,
But people care when your tears start to glisten.

Don't just smile and act like everything is alright,
When your heart hurts and your stomach is tight,
Its not good to let the feelings get worse,
Because then it will remain on your heart like a curse.

That boy who broke your heart doesn't matter,
When he realizes what he did his heart will shatter,
And then he will come crawling back to you,
And you will laugh at him as he cries and calls you his boo.

Your dad who hurt you and caused you pain will feel bad,
When he realizes what he did he will cry and be very sad,
And then he will offer to buy you anything,
And he might try to make you smile by starting to sing.

I guess what I am trying to say is when this is all over,
Everything will be alright and you will feel like a lucky clover,
Then you will be able to smile and laugh like you used too,
And your friends will be glad your back to you.

And everything will go back to the way it was,
You won't be afraid and it will all be because,
You told someone why you were not okay
And they helped you through it day by day.

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