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A Silent Cry

January 3, 2011
By Scarlett-City SILVER, Clinton, Other
Scarlett-City SILVER, Clinton, Other
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If you're reading this I'm sure I owe you at least one of these: I'm Sorry. I Forgive You. You Were Right. And most importantly, Thank You. If you've made me smile, you've helped me live.

A normal girl, or so it seemed,
as no one really knew,
that normal was her biggest dream,
and was never to come true.

For everyday they took their shots,
they sped straight to the heart.
And no one listened to her thoughts
that she could fall apart.

Fitting in would be ideal.
That was how she felt,
but fitting in was never real,
it never really helped.

Still everyday she sat and cried
and no one understood.
No one would miss her if she died,
so she thought that she should.

Those of you who just stood by,
or maybe even laughed.
Maybe you just lived a lie,
or tried a sickly craft.

You see cruelty is not a game,
it builds to unthinkable measures.
So don’t cause other people’s pain
to give you twisted pleasures.

So if at the time it seemed like fun
or somehow you felt bigger,
remember, though she held the gun..
It was you who pulled the trigger.

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