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Gotta Wait

June 21, 2010
By Kumanga DIAMOND, Bethel, Alaska
Kumanga DIAMOND, Bethel, Alaska
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Feeling sad, hated, and alone
I know I'll never be at home
Its just when I go inside
It'll make me want to die

I tried to lift my head up higher
Instead my heart flames fires
Thinking wrong as usual
Thinking bout dying as usual

My throat hurts when I feel sad
My thoughts hurt when I get mad
All I do is keep it inside me
I never try to take it out of me

I never want to try it
All I wanna do is hide it
So people wont try to care for me
So people wont have to be nice to me

I wish that my life was easy
I wish that school could be easy
Everytime I try something, it gets wrong
I also wish that "I" was gone

Cause I know life would be easier without me
I know that no one would miss me
I will always be on their way
Wishes for death, I do that everyday

Just once I want to go outside
To look up at the sky, no need for me to hide
SO I can know I'm not alone
To see my angel, to feel at home

I want to go up in the sky
Bu I will wait until i die
I will wait till God calls Me
I will wait for the good key

I will wait, so no need for me to cry
I will wait, for its my time to die
God will take me when I'm alone
God Will finally take me home
I just gotta wait

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