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You Think You Want To Know Me?

October 29, 2009
By delaney95 GOLD, St. Charles, Missouri
delaney95 GOLD, St. Charles, Missouri
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You say you want to see inside
You say you want the truth
So I dont have to hide


Then let's go for a ride

Let's hop on my track
And you you can hear me scream
And watch my eyes glaze over
In a silky, glassy sheen

Pay close attention
And, my boy, you'll soon learn
How the sweet, insistent acid
In my brain begins to burn

Have you had enough?

I'll bet you had never thought
You'd see differences so stark
I'd bet you've never felt
More afraid of the dark

There are things that I've learned
That to me the world has shown
And the boogeyman is worse
Than you ever could have known

But what do you say to a person
Who checks the closet for themself?
While all their skin cells plead
To their brain for a little help

But it's just those same cells
That remind you of your need
They thirst and burn, hunger and yearn
For your fiery, hot addiction to bleed

Can you hear them and their screaming?
My God, they're so awfully loud
Sometimes they're all i hear
And all I can think about

And then those cells comply
When concrete seeps from your veins
And drips from your body
And stings like scarlett rain

It's my flawless little way
To shoot upwards real real fast
Too bad its just a fix
And the drugs can never last

Then, defeated, you sink to the bottom
You lay yourself upon the floor
You turn out the lights
And lock up the door
And you swiftly return

To a place you've been before
Or have you?
Because you're never quite sure

And you close your eyes
And take in one rattling breath
The creaking, small sounds
Of stale sins and death

So did I cover everything?
Was that all you wanted to know?
Or did I explore places
That you'd rather not go?

But, me, I have a feeling
You'll steer me towards light
And not wear down
Without putting up a fight

You won't watch me corrode
As I slowly fade from the glow
Or leave me to freeze
In the January snow


You'll carry me right on home
With my heart still chapped and raw
And set be my the hearth
As my life begins to thaw

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on Nov. 17 2009 at 11:03 pm
lindseymarie SILVER, Richfield, Minnesota
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