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May 15, 2018
By PunderfullyMade BRONZE, Elizabethton, Tennessee
PunderfullyMade BRONZE, Elizabethton, Tennessee
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Hi, I'm insecurity.

You may know me by other names, though;

doubt, fear, anxiety, all of that.

Yeah, that's just me in your head.

You're having a good day? Someone complimented you?

They were lying. BOOM! Day ruined!

You'll never be enough, no matter what you try.

Hate yourself now? Good!

You're stuck with me, you know; there's no escaping.

I mean, I could leave, but if I did, where would you be?

You're happy? Oh, we can't have that, now, can we?

Man, it must be AWFUL to be you, huh?

Let's doubt ourselves a bit more; maybe we'll get SOMETHING out of it!

Everyone's gonna forget you eventually; you might as well off yourself now and save everyone the trouble.

Struggling seems to be something you enjoy, so here's some more! Have fun!

The author's comments:

Hi, I'm Lauren. I like memes and dogs. I also struggle with all sorts of insecurity; my looks, my personality, things like that. I want people to know more about what any type of insecurity is like, no matter what exactly it is. 

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