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A Flower So Bright

March 20, 2009
By Phoenix22 PLATINUM, Danbury, Connecticut
Phoenix22 PLATINUM, Danbury, Connecticut
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As beautiful as the sunset

As bright as a rainbow

A true person,

True to her heart and others that know

Her soul sings to the birds,

With a smile so bright

Her beauty calls to mother nature

With her heart full of joy

She gives a helping hand,

To those who care

Shining a smile on their face.

She swirls with joy and compassion to others

She is kind to the kids around her

Her love of basketball

She hopes for her favorite team to win

She is full of surprises and love of the future

Caring for everybody and everything,

She helps save animals

With her love of knowledge,

More then you can discover

Her wise words of wisdom,

Have power and meaning

Always full of wonderful sayings

She is unique and all her own

Her light opens up to others,

When they discover someone there for them

Her interests are interesting

With wonder to spare

You can not meet another person like her,

She is unique and an individual

She gives people a cheer,

Knowing that she will always be there for you

She is down to earth with wonderful surprises

Her beauty and her honesty,

Her brightness and her cleverness,

Her wisdom and her helpfulness,

Her laughs and her smiles,

She respects people, property, and the ideas of others,

She is honest and true,

Full of pride and joy and happiness,

Caring for others,

With a heart so kind,

She stands up for others,

Her love is magnificent,

She cares for the future,

Curious what may happen,

With eyes for the future,

Showing pride and respect,

Bringing joy to others and making them smile,

With a laugh or to,

She is amazing and one of the greatest

She is a true, bright flower!

The author's comments:
Dedicated to my teacher, Ms. Meyer who has inspired and supported me in many ways

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