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Ode to Napkins

February 10, 2017
By GeriskHer BRONZE, Sacramento, California
GeriskHer BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Soft and comfy
texture of a fluffy blanket.
Trapped in your house,
you and several hundred others
of your kind wait nervous,
but patiently.
Awakened from a giant shake,
and violently tossed in a basket.
Days later,
the roof is ripped off your house.
One by one.
A dangerous kind of species (the humans),
taking one of your kind.
A week later,
your kind is dying out
and a few are left.
As the humans stress about finding more,
you start thinking.
You feel unimportant,
you feel used,
you feel taken for granted.
Being the last survivor,
you think more.
Instead of thinking now you are.
You’re taken for granted,
you’re important until done being used.
You’ve been with the humans everywhere they went,
on planes, trains, boats.
You’ve been to Asia, Australia, Europe, and more.
Despite these memories.
As you take your last breath of air,
you finally accept and realize.
No matter how important you are,
you still get used and thrown away..

The author's comments:

There are various things in this world that we take for granted, they have a world that we don't know about and we destroy with no care. Think before you do 

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