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Memory Ghost

March 12, 2009
By Danielle.K SILVER, DeWitt, Michigan
Danielle.K SILVER, DeWitt, Michigan
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Your laughter,
Your smile,
Your noisy footsteps,
You were everything

The noise around me
The colors I couldn't resist
The first and only thought
The impaitent tug

A sudden moment
To switch person to memory
It's worse not being there
Away not knowing exactly how

It's weird,
To breathe without you
To wake without you
To see without you
To walk without you
To live without you

Closer than,
Skin and muscle
Muscle and bone,
Cloud and rain
Rain and puddle,

A heart missing love,
A hand missing another,

Anywhere, any time
even in non exsistance
you're there

Just a memory
Fills my time
As I move
You are farther behind

You filled
every tick in a clock
every breath in my lungs
every ray in the sun

Your laughter,
Your smile,
Your noisy footsteps,
Are everything

Even now,
With memories
I'll recreate
And keep moving

I hear laughter
See a smile
Hear noisy footsteps
An impaitent tug

A memory and nothing more

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Dannnielle13 said...
on Mar. 24 2009 at 9:03 pm
I think this is am amazing poem, it made me remember something.