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The Beauty of Love

February 13, 2009
By Tanisha GOLD, Oregon, Missouri
Tanisha GOLD, Oregon, Missouri
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To be in love?
In love.
The words echo through your head, creating your heart to pound like waves against the shore.
To be in love is like playing on the beach alone.
You're shy at first as you slowly adjust to being one.
The way he brushes his fingertips down the arch of your back feels like the very first time you've stuck your bare feet into warm, relaxing sand.
Sometimes you feel like you want to pull away but you become wrapped up in his arms, like the hypnotic beauty of the beach.
Love has it's up's and down's as the beach does.
The beach is beautiful, but you now have sand stuck between your toes.
When you want to get closer to the ocean, you step on seashells.
When you want to get where you're going you don't care who or what you step on to get there, but he is something special along with what you have.
Some people wait a lifetime and some people just give up, but with the up's and down's, it's your choice to stay.
Your choice to have the nerve to move on looking at your past, all the footprints you've left behind filling up with water.
The broken seashells.
Your favorite one though will catch your eye and you will pick it up on your journey and carry it with you.
To be in love?
Ah. To be in love like the tides that rise and fall, that wrap you in, and will never let go.

The author's comments:
I love when people compare love to natural beauty. It's so corny yet romantic!

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