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Warning of Terra

December 28, 2015
By Eric.X PLATINUM, Mason, Ohio
Eric.X PLATINUM, Mason, Ohio
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"Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot from striking." - William B. Yeats

Out here in the woods, where you are closest to it, the trembling of the Earth
Those subterranean heaves and shakes rumbling throughout the Earth
Anyone can hear it, be they man, woman, or child, even the unconscious
Feel it, instinctively, knowing how the very ground beneath them moves, trembling the
Many know of it, though they know not how to define it, be they a simple, thirsty traveler
For a drink, or a wise sage examining the rock before him, how the tremors will shake
throughout the Earth
This rumbling, it is felt best when one kneels before the sleeping giants, those dormant
For what are volcanoes, but a cicatrix, covering up where molten fury had once poured from
inside the Earth?
For the Earth knows it well, and everyone who has felt it knows too, that those trembles,
those wobbles,
Those quakes and shakes, those tremors, are nothing but chains, leashes to reign in the
power of Earth
Even I, who rarely sees the true earth or the ground, I, not an explorer, not an adventurer,
not a wise
Man, not even a simple, thirsty traveler, know, that the Earth is warning us, those who
inhabit the Earth

The author's comments:

The first time I tried writing a ghazal.

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