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Miss You

February 6, 2009
By niceenouf PLATINUM, Garfield, New Jersey
niceenouf PLATINUM, Garfield, New Jersey
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"As we move on, you forget, we both move on, with no regret."

Who knows when we might be together again, im my dream its all pretend. Because remeber that one night, we had our first fight? It took a shook to my mind, but I guess you thought I was wasting your time. I know you may not feel the same, but all of this is driving me insane. I know we have to get over our differences and issues, becuase my eyes can't take all the tears and tissues. I awlay blamed myself, I'm not for all the stress, hurt, and no help! I thought I should just leave you alone, take our seperate ways home. I knwo its unusual but i miss you, all the fights and everything gave me an idea, on what to do. I'm not going to cry anymore, I'm posi+ive, I'm sure. I mIss you. and thats true. Life is cruel, and when i think of life i think of you. I know I shouldn't but i do. you brighten up my day, and all the foreshadowing, I thought would be bad, turns the fear away. Just those 3 lovely, tragic words, make me a little a worried, i try not to show it, I feel inside I know it. As you ride on that ship, that im not on. Who knows when we might see eacother again, in my mind its all pretend. Everything gone wrong, I wish was all gone. After all of this I didn't want this to come true, but I just miss you?...

The author's comments:
Dare to dream...The ones who dare to dream. sometimes its a scheme..the ones who dare to take a challeneged And thou meet and met the unchalleneged. Dare to do somethink unknown may take a risk to be known. Dare to dream again and again might turn out to be pretend. Dare to dream of alife may dream of a life..dare to dream of boys you will have to buy a lot of toys..dare to dream of girls, wind-up buying pearls. dare to dream dream to dare people that are mean pay their share..dream to dare dare to dream dare to care dare to make a scene...the ones who dare to dream usually have scheme.

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