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Seeing Double

February 4, 2009
By Kukura DIAMOND, Denver, Colorado
Kukura DIAMOND, Denver, Colorado
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I lost my sense of direction one day
and landed in a world unknown
for days upon years
I looked for a way out
But in this new place
we come face to face
with this person we don't know
yet, we feel so connected
We reach out to see if it's real
which one of us is fake?
If we were to ask you
would you know?
Am I but a reflection of her?
Is she but a reflection of me?
If we break this wall between us
who will fade away?
We can't help but wonder who
who is living the imaginary life
when we separate, what does she do?
Does she love? Does she hate?
I want to get to know this girl
and I know she wants to know me too
she looks so sad and tired
her weary eyes have seen all
I have to find a way to help her
but I don't know how
such a new face, but like a lost friend
seeing her tugs at my heart
One day, we stumble upon a way out
yet, only one of us can go
we look at each other nervously
how can you choose who is to live?
I lie on the floor, broken and lifeless
as she stands over me
ready to finally take on the world
to make her live, I gave her me

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