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Dawn Of The Day

January 16, 2009
By GypsyRose GOLD, Charlotte, North Carolina
GypsyRose GOLD, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Still. Inside myself I wonder if I am ever to breathe again

These dark waters lapping over me,an ocean of denial and pain

force me down into oblivion,conscious slipping ,a ghost of being.

where are you now mercy?

Where are you in this dark hour.

Do you feel not the pain of this aching heart.

Where are you pity?

Sun slips away to fade to black


falling,past the point of no return

strong arms wrap around me

pulling my weary soul home

my angel,heaven know not the beauty you posses.

Son of the Sun

Dawn of tthe Day

Blessed be you that breathed life into me once again

You who pulled me from death's cold embrace

and sought to teach me to love once more.

Joined we are,and joined we shall ever stay.

one heartbeat,pure and clear

pulsing,pounding,the rythmn of life and true love.

One unto another,


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