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January 13, 2009
By Specialk13k GOLD, Ocean View, Delaware
Specialk13k GOLD, Ocean View, Delaware
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"They say that right before you die, your life flashes before your eyes. Make it worth watching."

I’m worried about you.
You haven’t been around.
I’ve been missing you a lot.
I guess you’ve come and gone.
But we keep missing each other.

So you say that they don’t know.
That's the part that scares me.
It just can’t happen again.
You’ve been through too much.

But I promise that I will have faith.
It’s obvious that you are strong.
Whatever this annoying thing is.
I’m confident that you will be fine.

I’m not worried about you.

The author's comments:
This is written for a friend. I close friend. My friend. I guess life's been hard for her. For me to see her go through it. But she'll be fine. She always is. I called just to say hey. Chipper as always, my friend. "Hey!" She'll be ok.

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