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About My Life

January 9, 2009
By Kumanga DIAMOND, Bethel, Alaska
Kumanga DIAMOND, Bethel, Alaska
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Favorite Quote:
Always Accept nd love urself for who u are!

My life has changed
I'm happy with my family
I sometimes don't feel pain
And I solve them simply

All I do is try harder
I'm not doing good in school
I just wish I was smarter
and I just think I'm cool

I like writing in my notebook
I like playing my piano
I don't care about looks
And I like to say no

I don't have many friends
they all just think I'm weird
But I like the way I am
every word they say is shared

I may be mean to my brothers
and call them mean names
I'll always love them like my mother
and its never a game

Clarissa is so bossy
and sometimes she's so mean
her lips are always glossy
she's nice, and then she's mean

Now Marvin her boyfriend
he seems to be lazy
I don't think they'll ever end
and I hope they'll get babies!

Bryson my brother
his annoying as h---
e came from my mother
his weird you can tell

Michael the youngest
his annoying as well
his mostly the weirdest
he breaks like a shell

Quentin the baby
his really, really cute
I wish I was the lady
but he always freaking pukes

Last is my mother
Dora, thats her name
she looks like my brother
and she should be ashamed.. I joke

I like the way they are
and I'll always love my family
to me, they are the stars
and might live happily

The author's comments:
I live in Alaska. I like to play my piano and sleep over.I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. My sister is the oldest and she has a boyfriend. She's 18 years old. I'm the second oldest. I'm 15 years old. Bryson, my brother is 14 years old. Michael is 12 years old, and last Quentin, he's 2 months old.

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