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A Girl with a Fear of Nothing

November 16, 2014
By lollapalooza SILVER, Folsom, California
lollapalooza SILVER, Folsom, California
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Favorite Quote:
"The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing" -Socrates

Eli and Jasmine were playing in the park
“Oh man,” Eli said,” Its starting to get dark!”
Well the two siblings grabbed their bags from the slide
“Come on,” Jasmine sighed with dreary in her eyes
“I wish we had more time to play!
But I guess an end comes with everyday”
They ambled in quietness back to their home
Where dinner was waiting as the sky grew gloam
Before Eli and Jasmine stepped inside
Eli asked a question that took Jasmine by surprise
“What do you want to be when you grow old?
Maybe a leprechaun? Cause they got tons of gold!”

Later the following day Jasmine pondered his question
About what she desired to be her profession
When Jasmine saw him with his friends at recess
She decided that she needed to confess
“Eli I’ve thought about what I wanted to be,
An astronaut, doctor, or a firefighter I guarantee!”
The boys only snickered
“You cant be any of those!
Those are all boy jobs, everyone knows.”

Jasmine was pained by the words of her brother
“Yeah why don’t you just pick another?”
But she didn’t understand why the boys had said that
Why would it matter where she’d work at?
“Ms. Rice said I could be anything I please
From a engineer to sailing the seven seas”
“That’s what the teachers want you to think,
But really if you sailed you’d probably just sink!”

Jasmine was in outrage, and in a tongue-tie
“No, that’s not true, its all a lie!”

With a new day, came a new mission
Jasmine would voice her doubted ambition
During recess she saw the same boys play football
She asked “Mind if I play with y’all?”
The boys simply said “Sorry, we have a full team
Plus, for you this games a bit too extreme.”

Jasmine had enough with the boys treating her like that
“You may as well just tell me to scat!
You push my buttons day after day,
And your insults constantly have me in dismay!”

Well days, months, and years zoomed by
Jasmine was now at Ridgeway High
An 18-year-old girl with fuel under her fire
A long lasting aspiration that she’s forever desired
She’ll be going to Harvard studying a branch of Chemistry
Spending six years getting her masters degree

People doubted this girl way after way
Did you get the message I was trying to portray?

The author's comments:

As a kid I always wanted to do boy things like play sports that only guys did, or do a job only guys did. This was the "feul under my fire" that inspired me to write this. I just want this to be able to teach others: Dont EVER give up on what you want in life.

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