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Through the Keyhole

November 29, 2008
By Rom12v2 GOLD, Nixa, Missouri
Rom12v2 GOLD, Nixa, Missouri
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Through the keyhold small and dark
I viewed my life so young and stark
Pictures paced before my eyes
Memories I couldn't circumsize
My fingers could not undo the lock
Tips with lead, like a stone block
I sat and watched my life pass by me
Wondering if this was all I could be
I soon discovered many things
Like how I could never grow any wings
A tumbled angel on the floor
My purpose was gone, and no more
I wished that I could have something significant
It felt like my life should be more magnificent
Then one day, through the keyhole, I saw
What forever my mind would try to draw
An element so pure and simple, that it was nearly tangible
Finally something that wasn't just analytical
I saw beauty emerge from pain, like rock forming into snow
It knew the sky's measurements and things I will never know
It bent and twisted majestically, so perfect I could cry
No care in the world but to live for me, and otherwise choose to die
It wanted what I needed, and I could feel it calling into me
I wasn't surprised that it knew my name and said it so immediately
Taking hold of the knob to get a better view-
To see this grand element through the keyhole was something I had to do
I turned the knob, wanting to go into the other room
The element speaking to me, telling me I was a flower needing to bloom
The door was locked and I had no key
The piece of thick oak whispered, "you'll have to get through me"
I struggled and screamed but no one heard, the element growing in power
My heart pumped quickly and my pain increased by the hour
I fell to my knees and stared through the keyhole small and dark
It felt as if I was only back to the very start
What was this thing that I so needed? That I so longed for?
That I could only see through a speck of light, but wanted more and more?
I sat and thought, wondered and pondered until I realized myself
It was what I most needed, the pains reason to why it was dealt
I looked at this thing and felt the yearning flutter in my soul
Wishing that these things I could reach and take, place and mold
To set the angel lace upon my back, and fly far away
To only see a touch of light, something that was kept so far away
I glanced around at my imprisonment, and wandered if needed them
And then my heart ached and sung, so badly for my freedom

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