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Grey Faith

November 29, 2008
By Rom12v2 GOLD, Nixa, Missouri
Rom12v2 GOLD, Nixa, Missouri
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I wish I had some faith
It is a beautiful word
I open it up, and in it- I see a road
Wet with rain
With no markings on it
And on each side of the road is color
A greyscaled color
But the grey is not sorrow
The grey is not pain
The grey is faith
The faith hovers the land
It sweeps in the crevices
It blows out our breath
It does not fear what it is
It does not worry what tomorrow will bring
The faith is peace and prosperous
And no town is near the road
And no people live in the town that is not there
The faith is alone
Without an inhabitant for eternity
It flows and watches the land
And knows every blades name
But no one knows faith
Some greet her
Say hello
But then vanish
For who can have faith in faith if they don't have faith?
That's why I want faith.
Because she is all alone like me
Because it's something we all need and think we have
But faith does't stay in your heart
You have to hold her there
And have faith

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