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Forever Words

November 15, 2008
By savannah-jane PLATINUM, Soooomers., New York
savannah-jane PLATINUM, Soooomers., New York
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They are hard words to speak

Especially for the shy and weak

We must overcome the challenge that we face

There is no time limit--it's not a race

Just be sure you know what to do

Believe in yourself and be true

Say the words that need to be said

It's your choice, alive or dead?

Finding out what's right and what's wrong

Are you ready for the journey? It's going to be long

Let's find who we need to see

Come on, it's just you and me

We came from afar

To take a ride in our survival car

We need to make the choice to say the words

It's completely berserk and absurd

But our lives depend on what we say

We'll say it all and everything will be okay

We blink our eyes--one, two, three

We're back at home, you and me

We're okay because it was all a dream

Only courage is what we have to redeem

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