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Light Blue Eyes

November 21, 2013
By BrittaneyPeacock DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
BrittaneyPeacock DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
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When I first saw your light blue eyes, and you saw mine, I felt my heart fill up, my stomach fill with butterflies and my knees buckled like I never knew they would

It was like we are meant to be, your all that's on mind in the break of dawn to the first glimpse of the sun shine in the mornings everyday
I never would have imagine this but really it is so

I would tell you but honestly I no more can lie not to you and surely not to myself, like the famous saying goes I feel better to have loved you than to have never loved at all

your the reason I smile daily and write about you in my secret diary, when I see you, your the high light of my 100 days I whisper to myself could he know that it is truly so I like you and maybe you do to

I keep looking at you daily just hoping one day you'll realize my eyes shine for you in every way that God can show in man kind because truly I feel you in me, my heart fills up every time I speak to you, my butterflies fly all around in side and knees well they make me not be able to walk straight like I normally do but when I see you I just want to scream it all to you

you make everyday a better day, every night a special night, I just can't wait to see those light blue eyes of your again soon, I hope to be yours truly soon, I love you and someday you will too.

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