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An Apology Unreplied

October 11, 2008
By e.nadeem PLATINUM, Karachi, Other
e.nadeem PLATINUM, Karachi, Other
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Is what I have got to say
Forgive me
Is what I’m obliged to say

It was my fault
Every crisis that arose
I deserve the snide taunts
I’ll always be what you’ll call a foe

You deserved a better
Friend than anyone
I absurdly made you suffer
Once we used to have fun

It’s all gone now
Blown up like a explosion
I wonder how
It had been done

I was a brat
A heartless human
If I’m even worthy of that
You were always the better one

A friend in need
Was supposed to be
A friend indeed
Then what happened to me?

I walked away
Did not I
When you needed me to say
It’s gonna be okay

I betrayed the trust
You wholesomely stored in me
If there was even

‘Cause if there was
I still have to suffer
Yet, here I apologize
For all the pain I gave you; all the hurt

Does it matter anymore?
I’ve lost it all
All the trust you once stored
All as one did fall

You deserve
A better friend
I deserve
To be told it’s an end

I’m the criminal
You’re innocent
I was so cruel
My meanings bent

Thus, here I sit
Weeping all the while
Having a resentful fit
I apologize

Forgive me
If you can
I’m sorry
I understand
I was wrong;
And you right
You were so strong
To set me right

I’ll depart now
If that’s what you wish
I’ll say goodbye now
That IS your wish

For the last time
I’m sorry
I committed a crime
And lost a friend so valuable

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This article has 2 comments.

B. A. said...
on Oct. 23 2008 at 1:27 pm
Your poem is very heartfelt and sets the tone that you feel guilty and see yourself as a bad person. I think it's very hard to find faults in yourself b/c usually, people talk bad about others. I understand how you feel b/c i'm also a native of your country, cionsidering what disasters are taking place these days. But it's great that you can express yourself, but I don't think you should lower your self-esteem by caomplimenting others and seeing yourself as the antagonist.

DaRkShAdOw said...
on Oct. 17 2008 at 7:37 am
the friend u wrote it 2 will be very VERY lucky to hav a buddy like u!=) its simply awesomeee..