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September 25, 2013
By Superhero_Fan SILVER, Tomorrowland, California
Superhero_Fan SILVER, Tomorrowland, California
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"Impossible; for How many people did you know who refracted your own light to you?” - Fahrenheit 451

Goodbyes are hard;
that, I know well.
"Why do I have to say
I ask the harsh air
engulfing me.
I feel the tears as it
intrudes my heart.
Inky black and
He tries to turn me;
make me stone.
I can't give in;
no, I won't.
"How could you do
this to me?"
I call out, expecting
the silence that comes.
I shiver, and cry,
and wish.
For the best,
of the memories.
For the glance,
at the past.
For the hope,
of a future.
For the chance,
to say the hardest

The author's comments:
This is dedicated to all my TeenInk friends. I would mention all of you, but I'm positive I'd miss someone. XD I wrote this because I'm not able to post on the forums anymore, and I couldn't say goodbye. This is not the best poem I've done because, unlike a lot of writers, my emotions don't always make my work better. But I figured I'd post it anyways, just because it was going to bug me forever if I didn't. So yeah. Goodbye to all of you, it's been a pleasure. :)

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