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Waiting for the rain

September 13, 2013
By Dudet95 GOLD, Ottawa, Kansas
Dudet95 GOLD, Ottawa, Kansas
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Sunshine day has been where my heart held reign...

But now I see, I've just been waiting for the rain.


Like glass, I see right through, fingers pressing on but it's my dreams not true.

Mirror me as sun shines in, flash blocked eyes of pictures have been

Hidden beneath the curtain. But I'm forbidden to see, so uncertain.

Fists bang, desperate cries, but what I wished sang nothing but lies.

The clouds form, thicken like my desire,

Just let the rain fall.... Let the storm transpire.

A house of comfort, content should own me,

My mind knows this yet my heart has grown free,


Reason Vs.. Emotion

Seasons Vs. The motions...

Heart is spastic, drum beat inside my chest, I'm waiting for the rain, summer put to rest.

The warmth, so inviting, so relaxing on the sun kiss road,

But then theirs the darkened day of rain, where droplets flowed..

Cascade down my glass, my control lost code.

Moon shine bright, like my smile, it glowed.

.... Rain Vs.. Shine? Which is mine?

Intellect Vs. Heart? Which is my part?

The sunny day of safety, I should ache!!

But the cool drips of water, unforeseen path I wish to take.

So I shatter my glass, BREAK FREE OF MY CAGE!

I don't know if my heart is right, but it holds it's own age.

Millions of pieces, all gone away,

rush out to the open, no sun shine ray.

They touch... My lips, they brush no blush it's all I need.

My mind has warned me, but my emotions will plead.

Dance in the moment, enjoy the rush of the storm

No control, wild roll but the water is warm.

I know my mind is the logic that doesn't follow the wind..

But my heart isn't always wrong in which way my choices should bend.

Sunshine day has been where my heart held reign...

But now I see,

I've just been waiting for the rain.

The author's comments:
This is just a poem about how sometimes we decide to go with logic too much, or at least I tend to. I entered a contest in which I was suppose to write about a time I chose something over the logical choice... And well, I chose to write about the sun or the rain... Most people want the happy, smooth relaxing life, but sometimes there is the few of us who don't normally follow our heart, but every once in a while... There is a rainy day that we do and we realize, maybe the perfect life isn't the one we want, and we were just waiting for our rain. Enjoy.

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