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October 2, 2008
By Callie Manning GOLD, Lantana, Texas
Callie Manning GOLD, Lantana, Texas
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I open my eyes tiredly, something in the back of my mind
A bad smell, burning my nose
I call out, call out to my mommy
The smell gets stronger, making my eyes water
I call out again
Finally, I can stand it no more
I rush to the door
I will find Mommy, then everything will be fine
I scream as I touch the doorknob, yanking back my hand
watching in horror as blisters rise
I sit on the floor and close my eyes
Mommy will come help me
She always has before
Heat, surrounding me
I squeeze my eyes tighter
The heat licks at my leg
I try to run, but the heat is everywhere
Why can’t I see?
Mommy, I scream, but she does not come
Why won’t she help me?
Does she not love her little girl anymore?
Huddled in a corner, tears fall
The heat burns me again, but I have no where to run
It travels up my nightgown, hurting my skin
Why won’t Mommy save me?
I do not remember if I screamed,
when the fire was covering me
But I do remember Mommy laughing

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