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Colombia and Her Name

March 14, 2013
By GraphicWriter DIAMOND, Yuba City, California
GraphicWriter DIAMOND, Yuba City, California
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From a country like Spain does a young girl travel
Crossing land and oceans to get from a court’s gavel
With her hair like a sleek waterfall of dark
And her face of an unfortunate birthmark
She does smile at all who pass
But is greeted like a forgotten landmass
Her name not known but forgotten in the past
A poor child of a poor country, trying to make her life last.

She travels to a country unlike her own
To find a world where there is no word of the one ‘disown’
Her fingers do play a world of magic
On a board of key like fabric
Her eyes smile at the eon
And frown at the con
Does time have a watch
A concealed type of old musty scotch?
One that a person could get drunk of
Just by chasing their one true love.

Her mind always wondering to the corners and ends
Her feet barefoot and broken waiting for twisted mends
And still she travels not letting her eyes dim
From the sight in front of her, the one place she would fit, on a very small whim
Oh broken girl, are you lonely of no home or place of rest?
Your feet tread like a march and your heart beats wearily in your breast
Yet still you go, from a broken home full of anger and hurt
A girl full of love and acceptance, a very true optimist expert.

The land she travels to through bus and train and boat and car
Is a land valued only by those birthed through the tropical soil and far out bazaar
A land with colors and light incomparable to the dark dank land which was once her home
Like a tongue twisting type of dream she hoped soon to roam.
Not on a journey of faith but a journey of hope
One full birds colorful and loud and people will smiles tethered one to one as if a commutative rope.
She keeps inside her, the intellect that led her to this road of freedom
Her shyness protecting the natural leader inside her like a cover protects the album
And once her cover sheds to bring light on a beauty
You see her sense of loyalty and duty
To that which is right and true and frank
A poor girl from a broken home, on a journey through the unknown, to a hopefully calm, soothing, excepting bank.

The author's comments:
This is written in prose, not a popular choice of writing and is argued whether to be counted as poetry or not. It was a class assignment that I just wanted to share and see what other people thought.

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