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The Room

August 20, 2008
By JenFish GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
JenFish GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
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The door is locked from the outside

And I am on the inside

I scream for help, but no one hears me

There are no windows, so all I see is darkness

The darkness is scaring me

I can't take it much longer

The door is made of wood, so I start trying to claw my way through

I can feel my nails starting to rip off

I stop to take a break

Suddenly the door opens

And a big hairy man walks in with an ax

I start running

My heart is beating

There is no time to think of what to do

My hands are out in front of me so I wont run into anything

I feel a wall I don't know what to do

I can hear him breathing heavily behind me

I find a conner and sit down

I can hear him above me

He is cursing and yelling at me asking me where I am

I don't answer

I bite my lip so he wont hear me crying

He is asking his friend to come in and help him look for me

His friend tells him no and walks away

He starts kicking the walls

It wont be long till he gets to where I am sitting

I quietly stand up and take off my shoes

I know it wont be long now

I leave my shoes by the wall and start running as fast as I can

I start singing a song trying not to think that this will be it

That this will be the end

I start to get thirsty

I need a break

I stop and stand there listening for him

He must be somewhere but where

I see a crack of light

I think it's a door

I don't know what to do

He's calling my name

If I open the door he will come after me again

I don't know what to do

So I stand still waiting for him to leave

He is cursing even louder than before

Someone has to have heard him by now

He starts swinging the ax

He is walking towards me

I don't know what to do

I squat down and pray that he will give up soon

I can feel the wind on my face that he is making with the ax

I start to crawl away from the door

After a little bit of crawling I stand up and begin to run

I don't know where he is

I hear the door slam

I hope he is giving up for now

The lights turn on

I can see where I am

I am in an empty basement

He walks through the door

There is no where to hide

I don't know what to do

We just stand there for a second and stare at each other

I look away breaking the stare

He tells me to look at him

So I do

I look at his face and notice he is crying

I ask him why he is crying and he tells me that he is upset that no will listen

I tell him that if he puts down the ax I will be happy to listen

So he puts it down

He starts talking

I start listening

He tells me why he is so upset

I tell him that I understand

I give him my cell phone number and tell him that if he ever needs to talk I will always listen

He similes at me and says thank you

I find the door

Turn back to smile at him

I turn back around and open the door

I run home as fast as I can scared that he might be following me

I get to my house lock the door

Go directly to my room and start crying

I suddenly realize that I could have died just because no one would listen to his problems

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Skottie said...
on Sep. 28 2008 at 3:28 am
Summed up perfectly by the imagery at the end of the poem, "I could have died because no one would listen to his problems." I find it amazing that this is the very crux to all the problems we see in the world right now, we are in so many horrible positions at this moment because people do not take the time to listen to one another. Great poem, good message.