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Thrill of Our Life

December 31, 2012
By Chelz PLATINUM, Iron Mountain, Michigan
Chelz PLATINUM, Iron Mountain, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"When life gives you lemons, bite into it and embrace the bitter taste of reality." (My own words)

With these shades on
I'm going insane
Melting like a Popsicle
Down the f***ing drain

These wheels are spinning
A table has turned
Doing a dope run
Erasing what I learned

Looking for a thrill
Speeding with my friends
Not knowing what's next
Wishing it never ends

Lights turn on
Sirens start going
Adrenaline is pumping
Engine is blowing

Taking sharp corners
Jumping the hills
Cruising down the back roads
Popping these pills

Fuel is on low
Not knowing what to do
Losing control of the wheel
Splitting the car in two

Eyes open slowly
Looking at what I did
My friends have all died
Lovers cry for us kids

Standing over their graves
Remembering what we had
She was getting married
He was becoming a dad

Two souls are lost
One is under arrest
Remember what we learned
Before we lay our heads to rest

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