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The Silver Sails

January 3, 2013
By Bubbs GOLD, Rowlands Gill, Other
Bubbs GOLD, Rowlands Gill, Other
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Fractured moonlight reflected into my eyes,
Blinding me,
White light was my vision,
Emptiness was despised.

My legs thrashed in the foreign water,
I couldn’t breathe,
Every time I did,
I felt a sudden splutter.

It went black and fog invaded me,
Memories drifting away on a storm cloud,
I was lost,
I could not see.

My future came by in a flash,
Long evenings on the porch swing,
Ice tea in one hand; daughter in the other,
It went in a dash.

Suddenly I saw, what I could not before,
My heart hit my ribs
With a clattering crash,
That was it, there was no more.

Floating over silky ocean,
Was a boat: his boat.
I screamed (but no words escaped,)
I sobbed (but shed no tears,)
My love shot by in a swarm.

My shattered heart,
No longer thudded,
The bright light disappeared,
And he played his part.

The silver sailing boat,
Walked away,
There was nothing I could do,
Only to watch him whisper, “I love you.”

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