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September 16, 2012
By HayNicole SILVER, Warren, Michigan
HayNicole SILVER, Warren, Michigan
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Despite what you may think I don’t have “Welcome” written across my forehead. I am not a welcome mat that you can wipe your dirty shoes on before stepping into the house. I deserve better treatment than what you’re giving me. I’m sick of this one sided friendship. You say you’re my friend but everything you do contradicts it. In person you act like we haven’t known each other for over a year and text on the daily, i’m just another stranger. You can’t hold a decent conversation with me and just shrug me off, I’m unimportant. Or you say you’ll be back and then you never return, I’m forgettable.
What kind of a friend can’t even look me in the eye? You say all your friends are gone and that you have nobody to hang out with? Is that your way of saying i’m nothing. Clearly I’m lower than chopped liver. Don’t even think about calling you, it’s strictly off limits. At this point I don’t feel like a friend to you, even though you say I am. Your constant mockery of my hobbies grate on my nerves. It’s gotten old and stale. Teasing is one thing, but you don’t even try to understand. Everything I do to you is stupid, it’s never enough. Well to hell with it then. I don’t buy fake. I need a real friend. Potential is nothing if you’re not willing to give.

The author's comments:
I really wasn't sure what to label it as. When you read this, read it as if you were at an open mic session and you were reading it with passion.

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