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You Will Find...

August 22, 2012
By Xenodragon56 BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Colorado
Xenodragon56 BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Colorado
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Within the depths of my mind,
A twisted being, you will find.
His eyes are black, his teeth are red,
The barrel of a gun against his head.
He snarls, he moans, he roars, he screams,
For his mind is tearing at the seams.
Also deep within my mind,
A sulking figure, you will find.
His clothes are black, his eyes he shuts,
His upper arms are lined with cuts.
His inner demons taunt and hiss,
With memories of that first kiss.
Deeper still within my mind,
A terrible demon, you will find.
His laugh is loud, his claws are long,
As he schemes all day long.
He is the source of violence here,
Inflicting pain on those that are near.
Along the edges of my mind,
A lone figure, you will find.
His hair is brown, his shirt is grey,
Waiting for Sanity to have its day.
He is the sane one in this place,
Perhaps that is why he lost the race
To see who will control this mind,
And what dark secrets they will find.
Within the darkness of my mind,
Four lost beings, you will find.
One is violent, one is sad,
Another is quite simply mad.
The fourth one is complete of mind,
Hoping that he will control this mind.

The author's comments:
Bad memories that decided to show up unexpected, like that one creepy uncle that just randomly shows up and trashes your house, leaving you wondering what you are doing with your life. Or something like that.

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