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Beyond the Shell

July 20, 2008
By onemanband101 PLATINUM, Hackettstown, New Jersey
onemanband101 PLATINUM, Hackettstown, New Jersey
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Beyond the Shell

We lay within a sand embrace hidden under those who walk upon us

Others insatiable with the cracks our shells may hold will pass us a surmising our value

Incompetent to accept anything that is not ostentation, only our skin is deliberated

The prejudice is omnipresent, impeding the slightest chance of effortless acquiescence

We do not ask for the cracks that shadow the trials that come before us

If anything we cower from them and the mark they leave on us is all that anyone sees
Upon the mark we are judged whether it affects our shell or outlook it does not matter

Beyond how we are presently no one cares, what we have endured does not matter to another

The beauty and aptness of our skin is what attracts others to take us upon them

It is what we have no control of, our fated appearance and antiquity that is sot after

Though it is what we’ve been given that makes us who we are, makes us all of connotation

Reflecting our person differently, not poorly but rather giving us all reasons to be chosen

For those who seek out the best in us all, we lay on top of the sand easily to be seen

They will perceive our cracks and ridges and know for themselves our significance

Our strength will be made known to them, and verbosely they’ll commend us with exuberance

And over another we were not chosen but chosen all together because one saw we were all of consequence

The author's comments:
This poem started when I was at the beach. I was looking for sea shells to collect and I suddenly wondered what caused me to choose one shell over another? Why did I think about whether or not to take the shell instead of just taking it? Why shouldn't shells broken or craked be left behind? Then in this poem I compared my thoughts to how people accepts one another.

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