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Journal Entry/Best advice

May 8, 2012
By BreannaDuffey GOLD, Centerville, Iowa
BreannaDuffey GOLD, Centerville, Iowa
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The best advice I've heard about life is that it goes on. You can continue to dwell on the little things or you can just get over it. You'll only be happy if you want too and let yourself be happy. Let go of the little things it'll make your life a lot better. You know you and your best friend won't be in a fight forever, If she really was a best friend she will forgive you and get over it. And that guy who left you probably never loved you anyway so there's no point in holding on. And i know every one's talking about your latest mistake you made last weekend but believe me, by next week they will have someone new to bother. Also, Don't worry about letting your parents down because they will always love you no matter what. Life really isn't that hard if you sit back for once and stop worrying, and just let things fall into place and don't care what others think or believe you should be like, be you. Even if you make mistakes, so what? So does everyone else. That's life, and it goes on.

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